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Permeable flooring for your terrace


Theater of your meals with your family, of your summer appetitive with your friends and of your daily life, your terrace is an essential place of life of your home. Used as a real extra room, it must combine aesthetics, practicality and safety.


Resineo Drain is a draining flooring made of resin and marble aggregates perfectly suited for your terraces and outdoor spaces.

a wide range of marble and quartz granulate colors to sublimate your home

With a wide range of colors of marble granules, let your imagination run wild and choose the color that will perfectly enhance your home. Want a color that contrasts with the color of your facade ? Create a space that suits you.

a non-slipping flooring that secures your terrace

Resineo is a permeable flooring, it lets the water infiltrate (on average 50L per second and per m²) and allows you to keep your feet dry. Its permeability reduces the risk of slipping by avoiding stagnant water.

With its non-slip finish treatment, Resineo Drain is non-slip and antislip. It has been tested in the laboratory and its anti-slip performance is guaranteed by a test report.

an easy to clean flooring

Who has never experienced the youngest of the family who drops his glass of soda on your natural stone terrace leaving a sticky task ? The sand that covers your terrace after sand storm ? Resineo Drain does not stain and is simply cleaned with a jet of water.

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Developed in our own Research and Development laboratory in France, our coatings have been specially designed for poolside use.

They improve your comfort of life and allow you to fully enjoy your moments of relaxation:

  • They limit the risk of slipping thanks to anti-slip treatment
  • Résineo Drain solution avoids stagnant water by the terrace thanks to its permeable characteristics.
  • Resists to high temperatures (resistance to UV and moisture), so you can walk to the edge of your pool without fear of burning your feet in hot weather.
  • Very easy to clean, a water jet cleaning will be enough to restore its radiance! In order to guarantee a perfect and durable rendering, our coatings are applied by approved professionals specialized in the renovation of outdoor spaces.

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